Build Your Dream Career

Musa Tariq, Chief Brand Officer

Build Your Dream Career

Musa Tariq, Chief Brand Officer
Build Your Dream Career

Your Tutor - Musa Tariq

Musa Tariq
Musa Tariq is one of a highly select group of individuals appointed to the C-Suite under the age of 35. Following early leadership roles at JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, Tariq served as global head of digital marketing and the first-ever director of social media at Burberry. It was during Tariq’s tenure that the 150-year-old British brand established itself as a digital leader in the industry. Tariq left Burberry to join Nike as the first senior director of Social Media and Community, before going to work under Angela Ahrendts once again as Apple’s global marketing and communication director for retail. In 2017, he was appointed chief brand officer and vice president of Ford Motor Company.


I would highly recommend this course. Such valuable content laid out in a streamlined way! – Course graduate
Insightful course — case studies, encouraging videos, great career tips & useful tools. Well worth it! – Course graduate
Excellent for anyone starting their career or guidance on how to approach the next step. – Course graduate

Who the course is for:
  • Professionals seeking to accelerate their personal brand development and career trajectory.
  • Individuals who want to evolve their professional identity and explore new opportunities.
  • Students or graduates planning their careers and searching for their professional ‘North Star’.


What you will learn:
  • Learn how to identify, build and navigate your career path.
  • Understand the key principles for growing and optimising your personal brand.
  • Deep dives into essential concepts including: personal values, brand differentiation, networking, interviewing, mentoring and digital touchpoints.


How you will learn:
  • 10 hours of exclusive content, including 21 video tutorials from Musa Tariq.
  • Downloadable learning materials enable you to revisit key theories and frameworks.
  • Thought-provoking activities and worksheets to encourage self-reflection and provide career direction.


Curriculum Summary

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Course Overview

Meet your tutor Musa Tariq and the four key steps of the course: i) Discovering your values, ii) Identifying your North Star, iii) Building your narrative, iv) Creating your map for life. You’ll also be introduced to the BoF Personal Brand Canvas, a specially designed one-page document representing your career map, which will aid you in making decisions and taking control of your professional development.


15 minutes 2x Video 1x PDF

1. Becoming your Best Self: What is Personal Branding?

Your course expert outlines a brief history of branding before explaining why a personal brand is now crucial, especially  for individuals working in the fashion and creative industries. In this chapter you’ll learn that a ‘personal brand’ is not about becoming a celebrity or an influencer, but thinking through the strategy of your life and then telling your story in a smart way to make you more appealing to recruiters.

1.5 hour 7x PDF 3x Video

2. Discovering your 'Why': Identifying your North Star

This chapter focuses on self-reflection and taking the time to consider where you are now, how you got there and what is going to motivate you in the future. Discovering or reconnecting to your personal values is the critical aspect of building your personal brand, as it acts as the basis for your future decisions.    

This chapter will guide you through identifying your personal values as well as establishing where you want to be at the pinnacle of your career (your North Star). This chapter also underlines how a healthy level of curiosity widens the scope of possibilities within your career planning process.


3.5 hours 9x PDF 5x Video 1x Survey

3. Create your Narrative: Differentiating your Brand Pillars

Once you have identified the foundations of your brand, you will develop the career narrative that will enable you to stand out in the employment marketplace. In this chapter you will learn four brand pillars — values, mission, purpose, and tone of voice — and the importance of alignment and consistency.

1.2 hour 10x PDF 3x Video 1x Audio

4. Bring your Story to Life: Develop your Touchpoints

This chapter includes deep dives into social media use with a particular focus on Instagram and Linkedin as well as tips on how to create a compelling CV and succeed at interviews and networking.

Having established the core elements of your personal brand in previous chapters, you will know learn how to put them into practice across key touchpoints in your life and career, and Musa shares his insight into communicating authentically both in person and online.


1.7 hour 9x PDF 5x Video 1x Survey

5. Adapting and Evolving: Navigating your Map

This final chapter demonstrates that personal branding is not a static activity, but a continually iterative process which requires regular reflection. In order to reach your North Star it is likely you will need to evolve and adapt several times to different circumstances. Here Musa guides you through creating a personalised career map which you can use and revisit to support you on your professional path.

1 hour 4x Video 8x PDF

6. The Final Blast

Final words of advice from Musa, wrapping up with key takeaways from the course and the completion of your BoF Personal Brand Canvas.

1 hour 3x PDF 1x Video 1x Survey

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